Thursday, January 16, 2014

In my 8th grade class we’re working on solving systems of equations. So far they’ve solved them with graphing and guess-and-check, but now we’re moving into solving them  algebraically. Today we worked on Andrew Stadel’sBasketball Shots” problem. Students watched Act 1, then I had them try to solve it with guess-and-check. After a few minutes, when they were plenty frustrated, we created our two equations, and they subtracted one from the other to solve the problem. They all thought they had the correct answer, but just to be sure we graphed it on Desmos. Our answers matched! Finally, we watched Act 3 and saw that we were indeed correct! The algebra, graph, and video all matched up and all was right with the universe. The students were very excited and incredibly proud of themselves for being able to use algebra to solve the problem. It was really great.


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