Monday, February 3, 2014

Crazy way to start the week! My 8th graders came into class, and after about 30 seconds I see more then half of them looking up toward the lights. Turns out there was a bee in the classroom. I said just ignore it and it won’t come near you. Then one girl said, “It stung me.” She was in no visible pain so I logically replied, “How could it sting you from up there?” She said, “It was in my jacket and it just flew out.” I looked and sure enough there was the stinger implanted firmly in her finger (turns out she had taken her jacket off during break and I guess the bee got stuck in her sleeve). I grabbed a credit card out of my wallet and scraped it off, but there was still a piece of it in her finger (like a sliver), so on a whim I asked if anyone had tweezers, hoping one of the girls would. Turns out none of the girls did, but one of my 8th grade boys did. I have no idea why and I didn’t ask, but he pulled a pair of tweezers from his backpack and I proceeded to remove the rest of the stinger as the class enthusiastically watched on (I wish they were that engaged all the time). We went on to solve some math problems during the period too, but if you ask them what they remember from today’s class, I’m betting the “bee incident” will be the first thing that comes to mind. Crazy way to start the week! I’m not sure if this is an awesome story or not, but the girl wasn’t hurt (in fact, she handled the entire situation like a CHAMP), the class was able to regroup and get back on task (sort of), and I killed the bee during lunch, so all-in-all, a pretty eventful morning.


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