Monday, February 10, 2014

Today at the end of one of my 8th grade classes a girl stayed behind to talk to me and as she waited for the rest of the students to leave, I noticed a concerned look on her face. Once the room was empty, she told me that one of the boys at her table was having a really hard time understanding today’s material. This is a boy who doesn’t ask for help nearly as often as he needs it, and she explained that they walked him through one of the problems but then he immediately forgot how to do it before they started the next one. She was legitimately concerned that he was having such a difficult time today. I told her I’d be sure to spend a little more time at their table next class, and thanked her for letting me know. It’s refreshing (and rare as it’s never happened to me before) to have another student come advocate for a classmate because she is concerned that he’s falling behind. It’s always nice when moments like this happen and you see students caring about their peers.


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