Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Everyday I do a different greeting at the door as each student walks in. I do a 2 finger “high five” for Tuesday (“2 for Tuesday”) and a 3 finger “high five” for Wednesday (“W for Wednesday), etc. Everyday since the beginning of the year one of my 8th grade girls has, after giving me my greeting, pulled her hand back and given me a real high five with a big smile on her face. I know she does this and usually I remember but sometimes I forget, which she gives me a hard time for. Today she came in, gave me the “2 for Tuesday,” and then gave me her own high five with a big smile on her face and said “YEAH!!!” I’ve been really tired this week (and a bit grumpy), but her doing this today cracked me up and put a big smile on my face. It immediately turned my mood around and gave me a big boost to end the day. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can bring the biggest smile to your day! I need to thank her for this.


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