More Geometry Arguments (9/8/14)

I’m really enjoying my geometry classes this year, with one in particular that has a habit of bringing up great questions that spark really awesome discussions. Today we were finishing up writing our definitions that we started last week and it sparked some nice debate as we defined several of the words. My favorite was when we got to the term, “Obtuse Angle.” The student defining the word said something like, “any angle greater than 90 degrees.” Hearing this, other students immediately questioned this, stating that obtuse angles also had to be less than 180 degrees. The battle lines were drawn and arguments for both sides proceeded. It was great. Luckily, this really got going about 5 minutes before the period ended, leading to me telling them that we’ll figure out the correct definition tomorrow, and the entire class groaning in frustration that they’d have to wait until then to find out which group was correct. Math cliffhangers are great!!!


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