Training Day (9/12/14)

Today we had the entire day to collaborate as a math department. Usually I HATE being pulled out of class, bhut this time I didn’t mind because I’ve felt like I’ve been playing catch up since the year started and this was a nice chance to sit down and get some planning done.

I also gave a presentation/training to the rest of my middle school math department involving problem based learning and 3 acts. We did Dan’s Pyramid of Pennies problem and I went GREAT. They saw exactly why these tasks are so engaging for students and I felt like they were really excited to start trying these types of lessons in their classrooms. They actually were bummed when I cut the lesson short because we were running short on time. I of course pointed them to problem based learning goldmines like Dan’s collection,  Andrew’s collection, Robert’s collection, and Geoff’s curriculum maps. It was fun hearing them as they searched through the sites and began talking about all sorts of ideas they were getting about how to use these lessons in their classes. While I am still doing my best to implement these lessons effectively in my own classroom, it was so fun introducing them to teachers who had no knowledge that these types of things were out there. I can’t wait to see how they implement them in their classes.

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