A Small Victory Lap (10/8/14)

This is a completely selfish post about me, but I think we’re all entitled to that from time to time. I switched to a SBG system this year, one in which I don’t give an overall course grade, and I tried to get the rest of the middle school staff to do it too. Most of them voted against me, citing reasons from parent backlash to the system being confusing and hard to manage. They instead decided to use a hybrid system involving a 100 point scale and SBG, thinking that this “baby step” would help them adjust to the system. We met today to discuss how everything was going and, as I tried to tell them, they were struggling to combine the two systems. Many of them said that the issue was the 100 point scale, and if we got rid of that, everything would be much simpler. While I wanted to shout, “I TOLD YOU THIS 3 MONTHS AGO!!!” and get up and start dancing like I just scored a touchdown, all I actually did was sit quietly in the back of the room and smile. This is what it was going to take to get them past that initial fear of abandoning overall course grades and averaging student work.  And while I was happy about being right all along, I was more happy about the fact that they’re starting to come around. I’m really excited about that. This is only the beginning…


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