A Big Smile (10/20/14)

Everyday I greet students at the door and as they enter we do some sort of high five thing, depending on the day. On Mondays we do an upside down 3 finger high five, because it’s “M for Monday.” Anyways, every once in a while I have a student who adopts their own routine as they enter the room. Last year I had a girl who always gave me a high five after we did my high five, and this year I have an 8th grade boy who, when he comes into the room, gives me a huge, totally cheesy smile. He’s been doing this for the last couple weeks and I get a kick out of it. Today was kind of a cold and dreary day outside and he came in to the last period of the day with that big, goofy smile, and made me laugh. Sometimes it’s the little things.


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