Too Much Good Stuff (10/21/14)

Today was a really good day.

After reading Bob’s post (and BTW, I’m loving Bob’s class openers series this year) about geometric series, for a warm-up today I asked my geometry students about the sum of that series. It led to an amazing discussion (argument) about whether or not there even was an answer, and what that answer might be. We had some really passionate (loud) debate and ended up spending a lot longer talking about it then I had planned, but hey, when they’re that engaged I just sit back, smile, and let them go at it.When I showed them the diagram, it was priceless. Afterwards, a ton of them gave the “mind blown” motion and said their heads hurt. Win.

So my day was already going pretty good, and then after class, one of my students who had just gotten back from Japan on an exchange type program through our school gave me a pack of candy he had brought back for me. They looked like this:


Apparently these things are a HOT commodity. He said they were a type of Hi-Chew’s (which is like a Starburst type of candy that I just learned about last year), but that you can’t get this flavor in the US. When I asked what the flavor was, he said “white soda.” I laughed and asked what that meant. He didn’t know. I laughed and ate one. It was good. Can’t really put my finger on the taste either, but oh well, candy is candy.

Then, as my day was already going along swell, at lunch one of my former students who is now in high school sent me this pic. I’m assuming it was a warm-up or quick write or something for one of her classes.


I mean, come on. Great day.

Oh yeah, and the World Series starts tonight. Like I said, too much good stuff. Go Giants!!!


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