“Look at ALL This Awesome Stuff Out There!” (10/24/14)

Today we had a half day with professional development in the afternoon. This year for our PD days, different members of the staff are presenting sessions and we all choose which ones we want to attend, like at a conference. Today my session was about a bunch of the awesome resources that members of the MTBoS have created. I only had 45 minutes, so I showed them Estimation 180, Visual Patterns, Math Talks, Would You Rather, and Math Arguments 180. The teachers seemed really excited about these resources and the ways I explained how they engage students and provide great discussions. I’m excited to see how they’re implemented in their classrooms. HUGE shout outs to Andrew Stadel, Fawn Nguyen, John Stevens, and @MathCurmudgeon for all of their hard work putting these sites together for the rest of us to use.


One thought on ““Look at ALL This Awesome Stuff Out There!” (10/24/14)

  1. Funny you post this today, as I was just commenting how cool it is that we all openly share our resources and pat each other on the back. Thanks for doing this and keep the Northern Californians rockin’!

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