X-Files (2/5/15)

So we’re beginning our coordinate graphing unit in geometry and we’ve been reviewing things like different forms of linear equations, parallel and perpendicular lines, etc. Today I gave students an activity, based on the old TV show “The X-Files,” to work on out of Chris’ awesome Math Project Journal’s Ultimate Math Lessons book (which I love BTW). The thing about this activity is that it’s so far fetched that as hard as I tried, I couldn’t read the scenario without cracking up. It involves the President being kidnapped by aliens and them organizing a hostage exchange between themselves and Mulder who had captured one of their alien buddies. Anyways, both myself and the students got a good laugh, and they enjoyed the task itself. BTW, I’m sorry to report that based on our findings the President has been taken to a galaxy far far away. But now we have an alien on Earth, so…


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