MPJ Strikes Again (2/10/15)

Once again (for at least the 4th time in the past few weeks), I found a great task from Math Projects Journal to use with my geometry students today. It involves robotic characters at Disneyland and midpoints, distance formula, parallel and perpendicular lines, centers of a triangle, all sorts of good stuff. Students were fully engaged and the discussions happening were great. One of my favorite moments of the day though came as I was approaching a group to check in with their progress and student A had just finished asking student E if he could solve one of the problems a certain way (I didn’t catch which one). Student E looked at him and responded, “That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.” ( a la this Esurance commercial). It produced yet another “Mr. M laughs hysterically in the middle of class” moment. Those are always fun.


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